Archivio Tipografico Prints
13 December, 2017

Archivio Tipografico is really great. Based in Turin, Italy, they are making some very cool prints and are super friendly to deal with. I ordered a copy of this awesome eBoy print called Pixel Press. It’s a simple idea that’s ridiculously complicated to execute. The posters are letter press printed, the pixel squares are printed using individually set square sorts, and the five colors means that each poster had to go through the press five times. This production of this alone is impressive, not to even mention the fun illustration of a print shop. Here’s a great video showing the making of it.

There was a problem with the shipping and unfortunately the posters arrived very seriously damaged. Archivio Tipografico was super kind to send a new copy that reached in perfect condition. They also generously threw a bonus poster to make up for the trouble! This one is composed of type all designed by Alessandro Butti. It fits perfectly with some of our other letterpresses alphabet posters.

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Vintage type from Graceland
28 March, 2016

Some vintage type from the home of the King. There was everything from interesting kitchen appliance logos, to album art, awards, movie posters, blueprints, original advertising artwork, and chromeography from his pink Cadillac.

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The Volksbuehne Theater Covers Berlin in Amazing Posters
15 August, 2015

Going through my virtual piles of photos, I’ve came across a few posters that I’ve been wanting to post for some time. Made for the Berlin theater “Volksbühne“, this wonderful campaign has been going on for a couple years now, but never gets old.

Florian Hardwig has already written two extensive pieces (the first, and second) on this series some time ago, and they are very much worth checking out!

These posters stand out starkly against most of the other designs pasted all over the city. The layouts are deceptively simple, but the variety of typefaces and colors keep them looking fresh, eye-catching, and instantly recognizable every time. I’d consider this an incredibly “successful” redesign and advertising strategy… but I am deeply interested to know how this has affected ticket sales, website traffic, funding, etc. I hope the Volksbühne would call these a success as well.





Updates from 2016


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Poster shopping in Bollywood with @frankrolf & @ainat_
13 January, 2015

Poster shopping in Bollywood with @frankrolf & @ainat_

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Right-to-Left Exhibition
1 December, 2012

I’ve shown so many images of this impressive show, so I won’t say too much. Mostly that if you are in Berlin in the next week (until December 9th, 2012), you must check this show out. Organized by the Berlin-based studio EPS51, they have brought together an array of designers, artists, and activists from across the Arab world in a remarkable way. Having now organized several exhibitions myself, I can more fully appreicate the efforts they put in and how outstanding the results are.

I finally visited the show after meeting one of the organizers, Ben Wittner, at the Babel symposium earlier in the week. The evening I stopped by there was a lecture by Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFarès from Amsterdam. She spoke on Arabic Typography as an Agent of Resistance. If these topics interest you, there will be a few more: one on December 6th by Sandra Hetzl, Gabriela M. Keller, and guests from Syria; and the finissage on December 9th will host Nadine Chahine, Eps51, Pascal Zoghbi, and Antje Weitzel.

More info (and better images) are available at the Right-to-Left official website.

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My Living Room – 2D
3 November, 2012

This is just showing off some of the cool (mostly 2D) things from my living room. I’ll have to do a followup post sometime with my favorite 3D things too :)

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“I Like Type” “Mini-Posters”
2 August, 2008

These “mini-posters” were made in 2007 for the ICTVC conference in Thessaloniki. This set of 7 different designs was displayed and given out so people could select their favorite design… It turned out though that most people wanted the full collection.

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