June travel plans! Let’s meet!
14 June, 2016

June travel plans! Let us know if you...

June travel plans! Let us know if you want to meet up in one of these fine cities.

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Status update
13 March, 2016

Status update.

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EU Tour – June 2014
22 June, 2014


My excursions for June are over, and I’m finally back in Berlin. In the last couple weeks I was fortunate to visit:
Faenza, Italy
Warsaw, Poland
Budapest, Hungary
Prague, Czech Republic
Brno, Czech Republic

I saw some great exhibitions, conferences, cemeteries, and typography from each place. In the next few days/weeks I’ll try to get some of the pictures put up here.

So far you can catch: (will update with new posts as they appear)
House Numbers from Faenza
The TypoPolo Exhibition from Warsaw
Warsaw’s Neon Muzeum
AV Kerning examples from Faenza, Italy
Prague’s Jewish Cemetery
National Cemetery in Budapest
The Kerning Conference
Signs from Warsaw
Letters from Budapest
Faenza Signs
Signature Type Exhibition in Brno
Faenza’s Giant Cemetery
Warsaw’s Jewish Cemetery
Warsaw’s Powązki Cemetery – Part 1
House Numbers From Budapest

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De-icing in progress at TXL
23 December, 2012

De-icing in progress at TXL

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Iceland is so cool!
13 September, 2011

Iceland is so cool! Not only are we here in this beautiful nature right now but there’s free wifi!

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I was here not so long ago…
18 July, 2011

Hello midwest!

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