Typodarium 2014 Unboxing and Showcase
27 August, 2013

The folks behind the unbelievable Typodarium calendar have done it again. For the sixth edition, hundreds of designers have graciously typeset 377 fonts for this neatly packaged project (edition of 10,000 copies).

As a thank for for contributing, during the first four years of the project participating designers received a complimentary copy of the calendar. But suddenly in 2013, MAGMA Brand Design and Verlag Hermann Schmidt said it was too expensive to show their appreciation to the designers. So they did nothing.

For 2014, they attempted to avoid some of the hate mail and bad karma received in 2013 and again sent the contributors a free calendar. Some are undoubtedly thankful for this gesture, but I for one am not impressed. Yes, it’s nice to have a copy, but to me this one is useless because it doesn’t come with a box… Maybe that sounds trite, but the box is a unique selling point of this calendar – you are supposed to tear off the specimens each day, and collect them in the handy box. I have done exactly this since 2010 and have actually kept all of them. For 2014 I will neither be using the calendar nor submitting fonts to Typodarium again.

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Happy Vesper day in Typodarium
29 April, 2013

Happy Vesper day in TypodariumVesper Typodarium 2013

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Pufff day in Typodarium
12 January, 2013



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More Typodarium Pufff
12 January, 2013

More Typodarium Pufff


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Typodarium 2012 – Blind Text Switcheroo
21 November, 2012

There was a bit of a mess-up with the 2012 Typodarium calendar.

I chose July 21st for my day, but the Typodarium crew took it upon themselves to reassign me to November 11th, without telling me or asking me to update my entry.

It in some ways in understandable they’d want me to take the 11th of some month, but they should have asked me to update my content – regardless if it would be noticeable or not.

This is an actual photo of the printed day in the Typodarium:

As you may have noticed, “November” as more than four letters, and Saturday has two extra letters from Sunday. So here is a side-by-side comparison of the submitted day, and how it should have actually looked – to correctly be November 11th:

And incase you are curious, the text on the back is real (not well written, but not fake text either):

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Props to Hannes von Dohren
31 March, 2011

This is a bit late, but I wanted to send props to @hvdfonts for making the coolest typodarium layout ever.

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Vesper Devanagari
19 August, 2010

In Typodarium

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Swift Day
28 June, 2010

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St Moviehead
16 April, 2010

A bit late, but just noticed yesterday’s Typodarium design was by the cool @stereotypes_de! St Moviehead… check it out!

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Happy Skolar Day!
2 April, 2010

Happy Skolar Day! Let’s hear it for @mrbrezina and his cool face brightening up Typodarium. And happy birthday to David’s brother :)

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Cassius Serif Day! Typeface designed…
5 February, 2010

Cassius Serif Day! Typeface designed by the awesome @mathieureguer

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Happy Sodachrome Day!
12 January, 2010

Happy Sodachrome Day! Nice work by @ultrasparky and Ian Moore

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