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Printed Specimens & Samples

Mota Italic Second Catalog

Mota Italic’s second full catalog printed and given out in 2015.

Mota Italic Postcard 2

2013 Mota Italic’s 2nd promotional postcard featuring our typefaces. 
(This would be the last postcard that would be able to fit all our fonts on it.)

Mota Italic Postcard

A postcard featuring fonts, gallery, & boutique. Distributed at TypeCon 2011.

Mota Italic's First Type Specimen

Our first printed type catalog. Made in 2010.

I Like Type Mini Posters

“I Like Type” mini-posters made for the ICTVC conference 2007.

world's smallest specimen book centerfold

“World’s Smallest Specimen Book” promo for TypeCon 2008.

TypeCon '06 Postcards

300 hand stenciled postcards given out at TypeCon 2006. Every one is unique!

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