The newest type craze:

The hot new trend in typography is not embedding – no, it’s not @font-face or even Typekit. It is printed neither offset nor digitally. Best of all, it is possibly the greenest form of design! Forget about the silly, over-hyped Eco Font, this typography needs no paper or toner whatsoever; it doesn’t even use fonts. It only requires a pen (or some paint) and a volunteer! This hot typographic trend simply uses the human body as the canvas. Not exactly a new concept, but some recent developments are still worth sharing (i.e. not innovative, but nice to look at).

fashion, Viktor and Rolf, type, fonts on clothes

So here is part of Viktor and Rolf’s new runway collection. Not critiquing the actual fashion, this is simply to point out the serious use of type in the clothing. Good or bad, it is fun to see. Contrary to what this site says:

Her eyes may say ‘yes’ but her clothes say ‘no’…

I have to say the “NOs” seem rather redundant because the models look quite unhappy and icy. Here are a couple extra images: